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Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Cubot X17 Pros And Cons

Breakdown of Cubot X17 Phone Pros And Cons View Here what's good? What's bad? Find out here

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Cubot X17 Review 

Cubot X17 Android 5.1 lollipop
Unlike many slightly older china phones android 5.1 is  pre installed so you don't have to wait on an upgrade by manufacturer as it is impossible to upgrade  if they the manufacture do not support it. Version 5.0 Lollipop was the first 64 Bit operating system and although  good carries bugs that were sorted out for 5.1.

Cubot X17 MTK6735
Ram is 3GB very fast and  the system is quad core so great for multitasking clock speed is 1.3 GHZ which is good because higher clock speed consumes  more   power. To make things even better this is quad core system which is better for multitasking than a dual core system as cores work together to run task.

Cubot X17 Android 6.0
Android 6.0 is more advanced  and is not installed so far most china brands have not taken that step. I would love for the X17 to have been the first cubot but not this time.
1.3 GHZ is OK but a higher clock speed would result in a faster X17 .

Display is  full High definition  which is impressive the 1920 × 1080 resolution means more pixels can be fitted onto the screen than a lower pixel device meaning that more pixels can be displayed so you would not have to scroll as much to see the full content of page.

On a five  inch screen the pixel resolution  on say a movie is more than someone with perfect vision  could see is, what's the point in more power consuming pixel resolution you can not see.

Cubot X17 3G 4G Dual Sim  SD Card
Dual sim phones have the ability to hold two sims at once to both make and receive calls from allowing you to get the most out of different networks. SD card can store up to  32GB   to help increase memory. 

Cubot Connectivity
What the X17 does not have itself it can make up for with accessories that benefit the X17 see more here
Cubot X17 worth Buying
Far more benefits in the favour of the X17 then cons so overall the popularity of the X17 is well earned. Many of the cons here apply to many phones and nothing cringe worth was found in the review.

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