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Sunday, 21 February 2016

Elephone P9000 Lite Release Date

For Elephone P9000 release date including $50 Discount Click Here
Elephone P9000 Lite is currently on Pre Sale until release. Presale gives the seller a chance to guarantee orders and the customer a chance insure that they can get the elephone P9000 Lite before it is sold out. Also Elephone P9000 Lite price after presale will be $219.99 however you can use the code offered to get a discount click Here for sellers offering code and Discount

 When will the Elephone P9000 Lite Be Released?
This differs form site to site however the offical Elephone store gives the date of 29th march for more information go to the link above and get a coupon code from seller which can then be used on the official site.

Reasons the Elephone P9000 Lite could be sold out before release.

Elephone P9000 Lite Android 6.0
This is the very first elephone to be released with android 6.0 marshmallow with no update required.
Super Elephone  P9000 Lite Specs 
I had to do a whole page explaining how good the elephone P9000 Lite Specs are as the official ones in there bland form did not do it justice.  
Click Here For Exclusive Elephone P9000 Lite Specs Page
Elephone P9000 Lite Accessories Upon Release
Accessories the P9000 Lite are released with include USB cable and manual however certain accessories can also be purchased with the P9000 Lite at a discounted price.

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