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Friday, 5 February 2016

Umi Iron pro VS Umi Rome

UMI  Iron Pro Vs UMI Rome see which is the better UMI by clicking right here

Price Off
In terms of price the UMI iron Pro price is more expensive by about $60 which so in determining which is better we have to make a decision on the greater provider of value for money as expecting the same performance from phones in different price ranges is ridiculous. Believe it or not an even lower priced UMI Rome Exists called the UMI Rome X For UMI Rome VS UMI Rome X  Click Right Here
 Comparison Between the UMI Iron Pro And UMI Rome

When talking UMI Rome And UMI Iron Price expect to experience the difference in hardware as android Operating systems are based of linux and basically free open source which is why Chinese Phone brands can compete.

UMI Rome Battery Life
 One key weakness discovered in the UMI Rome was its quick use of power which is always a sully in comparison the UMI IRon Pro has two batteries both of which store more power than the UMI Rome's one 2500mah at 3100MAH and 3300MAH Battery.

Both are using sony design back cameras which both appear to be 13MP until you take into account interpolation which in the UMI Romes case can be used to add pixels to images often inaccurately so just take the true UMI Rome back camera as 8MP which is still good and as shown in our review via video.
Front camera is where it is at selfies maybe not your thing but what about video skype 3G or 4G calls a good front camera can be beyond the artificial in terms of connecting with others. UMI Iron Pro as expected has a higher pixel resolution with an 8MP front camera compared to the UMI Rome 2MP front camera

Pixel resolution is very impressive on the part of the Iron pro with over 400PPI(Pixels per inch) which is full HD. UMI Rome Screen resolution is a fair bit lower but still very good being only HD is hardly a crime.
What I want to draw attention to is not resolution because that is obvious from the specs what I want to talk about is the UMI Rome multitouch. A lot sellers have not mentioned how many touch points it has and some have incorrectly stated 5, perhaps they just assumed as pretty much all China brands use at least 5 point capacitive mulittouch screens. UMI Rome Screen is in fact two point touch which show when operating the screen quickly slowing things down.

Why UMI Rome 4G is superior
Unlike the Umi iron pro bluetooth 4.1 is used instead of bluetoothj 4.0 which does actually have some advantages. Bluetooth signals up until 4.1 would get in the way of 4G signals and vice versa making both less effective. Bleutooth  4.1 coordinates with 4G preventing overlap and maintaining performance of both.

UMI Iron Vs UMI Iron Pro Findings
When the UMI Iron and UMI Iron Pro it was shown that the UMI Iron superior in nearly every way except for the inclusion of type C USB which you can hear more about with UMI Iron VS UMI Iron Pro

 UMI Rome Vs UMI Iron Pro Conclusion
 Overall The Iron Pro as the price suggests is superior in every way minus 4G and in my opinion better value for money.

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