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Thursday, 4 February 2016

Ulefone Paris VS Paris X Ones Good The Others Better

Well you searched for it and here it is Ulefone Paris VS Ulefone Paris X Phones here
Ulefone paris X MTK6735 VS Ulefone Paris MTK6753 
MTK is a shortened version of the CPU manufactures name Media Tek so get ready for media tek vs media tek. First  difference  clock speed the Paris is set at 1.3GHZ and the X 1.0GHZ a faster clock speed means a faster CPU however don't take my word for this take the from whoever you buy online from as clock speed can sometimes be altered by sellers. As long as clock speed is not past what the CPU is capable of it's probably legit. We have actual reviews of phones using the MTK6753 and they do very well in terms of speed and multitasking which is to be expected as it is an 8 Chip CPU know as an Octa core, meaning 8 cores work together to carry out actions the Paris X MYK6753 is Quad core also good but not as good. In this VS segment the paris takes the win for speed and efficiency.
For MTK6753 android Phone review Click Right Here

Antutu Scores
Antutu benchmark test are designed to test actual phone performance accurately genuinely verifying or disproving specs and with a less capable CPU you can guarantee the Paris X will not score higher than the Paris.

In terms of internal space both have the same 16GB however when you take into account SD card capacity the Ulefone Paris has twice as much as the X with an SD card capacity of 128GB.  But bigger is not always better 64GB is a hell of a lot I mean what are you store

Camera VS Camera
For the X 8 MP and the Paris 13MP MP (Mega Pixels) More pixels resolution equals higher picture quality so for the back camera the paris wins again.
Ulefone Paris Wins In
Higher Specs/Specifications
Ulefone Paris X Wins In
Another Android manufacturer called UMI released phones called the UMI Rome and you’ll never guess original name UMI Rome X Learn More With UMI Rome VS UMI Rome X Page Here

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