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Tuesday, 2 February 2016

UMI Rome Vs UMI Rome X

Whats the difference which is better between find out here with UMI Rome Vs UMI Rome X
Cooler Name
UMI Rome X is simply a cooler name than the UMI Rome I mean the a amount of lame puns I could make
Comparison between UMI Rome And UMI Rome X including review more here

Umi Rome VS Umi Rome Price
A cheaper downgraded version of predecessor processing power newer UMI Rome, rome x is cheaper at the expense of some cool features, I guess you could say X features.
See Best UMI Rome And UMI Rome Prices By Clicking Here

Rome x price $70
Rome $120

MTK6580 VS MTK6753

CPU's also known as chips support performance and generally the most expensive component of any android device and tells us the phones limits for example the MTK6580 has a maximum clock speed of 1.3GHZ and cannot be set any higher than that. However just because a CPU supports greater performance does not mean the manufacturer will set it to use all the CPU is capable of another example both phones are clocked at 1.3GHZ even though a MTK6753 Phone can be clocked to 1.5GHZ.

UMI Rome MTK6753 phone is equipped with an octa core system and the X a Quad core system making it less equipped for multitasking as it has less cores to multi task with.
Memory that governs the running of programs known as ram space is 3GB for Rome and UMI Rome X has only 1GB making it slower than the Rome and further still less equipped for multitasking.

ROM the internal memory of the X is 8GB and  16GB for the rome however one shared factor can make the difference in phone memory obsolete and that is an SD card which can be installed to further enhance space by 64GB on either.
UMI Rome X 13MP Camera?
Also other hardware components like camera which a MTK6753 Chip can support up to 16MP it does not mean the phone itself with have a 16MP camera which is true in this case both camera are 8MP. At first I saw some UMI Rome X Specs that suggested a 13MP camera for the X and based off of specs I believed it conceivable unil further inspection I realised that interpolation was used to hype up UMI Rome X Specs and yes on some sites UMI Rome specs also.
Interpolation is the process a camera uses to add pixels to an image easily resulting in inaccuracy.
 Camera used for Rome and Rome X is the same sony IMX179 model which performed very well you can see a video of it in use in our UMI Rome Review Here

Although both phones share dual sim one feature is missing in the X, 4G which is one of the best features any phone can offer particularly of use to the frequent internet romer
UMI Rome X Vs UMI Rome Final Conclusion

Rome X
Cooler name


Everything else is the same or greater
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Umi Rome Vs UMI Iron Pro


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