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Monday, 13 February 2017

Elephone P20 Review Pros And Cons

Review of Elephone P20 with alternatives that do not share the Elephone P20's biggest flaw
Elephone P20 Review Pros And Cons And Better Options Waiting For the release Date?
By far the biggest con is that we have no official release date by the time the P20 hits the market it may be outdated the Elephone p900 Edge was suppose to be released nearly a year ago and we are still waiting.

Elephone Forgets
Elephants never forget but when it comes to releasing phones it seems Elephone do so to save you a potential lengthy wait here are some  phones that offer some of the P20's highlights without the wait.

Called the Elephone Helio P20 Because of the P20 CPU used in this model

RAM Space is 6GB which is huge space for running programs with way more than is necessary but should one choose to use even 2 thirds of the Ram for multitasking purposes they will discover the p20 is a monster.
Internal Memory capacity is 32GB which is the average for Chinese brands but still very adequate
SD Card can increase storage by maximum of 256GB

Other phone Also using P20 CPU

UMI Plus Extreme
P20 CPU 2.3GHZ 6GB Ram 64GB Internal Memory
Sony Battery  4000mah
Available Now See Full Specs here

Another highlight of the Elephone P20 is it's VR Screen so here's a phone with an even faster processor and 3d Screen

Vernee Apollo
Virtual Reality Screen
2.5GHZ Decac Core
Higher Screen Resolution than Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Click Here

Dual Micro Sim 
Accepting two sim cards from 2G 3G and yes 4G networks is always a plus nice to have a  number for business and pleasure. Android 6.0 alerts you to which sim is being called so if there is one you'd rather not answer this phone can help.

 Dual Camera: Front 8M and Back 12MP F/1.7 Camera
Same Camera Aperture as Samsung Galaxy S7

Bluetooth 4.0 does intervene with 4G costing more energy if both are used at once Bluetooth 4.1 would have been preferred.

Dual Band 2.4G/5G
Most devices operate on the 2.4GHZ frequency but some can operate on the 5.0 frequency and benefit form faster wifi and internet from close proximity the Elephone P20 is one of these devices so if you have a dual rooter now is the time to use it.

OTG USB On the go need I say more?
Ok Ill say more connecting to USB devices increases the connectivity of devices and makes them so much more compatible with everything else

Super Screen
3D Screen is by far the stand out features of the Elephone P20 a feature that is not common amongst phones but very welcome. Resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels which is Full High Definition. Capacitive screens have the advantage of being touched only by the human hand at the cost of not being able to use items like pens or styluses to control the screen.

Multi Touch
High Resolution
OTG (USB On The Go)
Wireless Charging
Quick Charge


Outdated by release
Alternativs UMI Plus E
Vernee Apollo

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