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Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Cubot Rainbow 2 Price In Pakistan

What is the Cubot Rainbow 2 Price In Pakistan and is it worth the money? I mean other than the colour options as the name suggest what else does the Rainbow 2 offer for the price.

The rainbow 2 is a low priced android phone under $100 even after flash sale which reduces prices for earlier sales. Currently while on flash sale the rainbow 2 is 7335.65Pakistani Rupee
See flash sale here

Three Reasons that the Rainbow 2 is worth he price
Android  7.0
Receiving an android 7.0 update is luxury not every phone manufacturer affords so when a phone offer android 7.0 pre installed your getting a good deal for the price.

Triple camera
Two back cameras  creates better images see this page to learn more under dual Gemini.
Learn More About The Cameras Here

Dual Sim And SD Card Slot

Being able to hold two sim cards is a huge plus and a phone without  an SD card slot is severely limited so a 256GB capacity very welcome especially when it does not come at the cost of and sim slot

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