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Friday, 7 April 2017

Ulefone Power 2 Accessories

Ulefone Power 2 Accessories included and some you may not have heard of  E.G. Cases, SD Cards, Speakers and more here
Accessories included pictured above
  1 Quickly Charger x 1 USB Cable x 1 OTG Cable x 1 SIM eject tool x 1 Multiple Languages Manual x 1

Increase Memory  By Up To 256GB
Of course any android without an SD card Slot is missing a vital accessory and with the Ulefone Power 2 an SD card not exceeding 256GB can be used. SD cards are usable with other electronics making it easy to transfer data.
 SD Cards And Prices Click Here

For The Gamers
OTG  (USB On The Go) Devices like USB Flash drives can be used to increase memory as well as SD Card, my personal favourite for OTG phones is compatibility with console controllers for gaming and android controllers are specifically made for gaming via OTG.
OTG Gamepads Click Here

256GB SD Card

Energy To Spare
Blutooth accessories can e used at the cost of more energy than wired counterparts for example an 3.5mm headphones and bluetooth headsets or OTG keybords or a wireless keyboard. 4G also intervens with bluetooth 4.0 costing more energy but then a again when you call a phone the Ulefone Power 2 you can afford the energy costs.
Bluetooth  Speakers Prices

Make The Ulefone Power 2 Smudge Proof
Until they invent  as self wiping screen tempered glass is the most effective way to protect the ulefone Power 2 from smudges and even impact on top of the protection provided by the gorilla glass 3.
 Cheap Screen Protectors Click Here For Prices

Most Essential Acccessory Not Included
Without saying phone cases are essential and seeing how a good one is not included Click Here For Phone Case Options

Dual Sim
 i consider dual sim to turn the a sim card into an accessory option getting the est deal from different networks to make calls texts and utilize 3G and 4G. A sim cad ject tool is even included making things easier.

Need A replacement charger?
Get Chargers Right Here

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