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Saturday, 22 April 2017

Ulefone Power 2 Release Date

 Ulefone Power 2 Release Date. Notorious for it's incredible 6050mah battery and the very first Ulefone that comes with and android 7.0 preinstalled you think we would be dying to give you the date and some link you may choose to purchase from with a small fee for us of course but we won't.

We are not going to give you the date of release because  the Power 2 is out already but that a that link to a site that actually has stock left is right here
Ulefone Power 2 link

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Below is picture of accessories that the Ulefone Power 2 includes but we had some other ideas you may like.
Ulefone Power 2 Accessory Ideas

Is This the Best Ulefone Release Of 2017?


More Options
Ulefone have released some greats like the Ulefone Gemini a dual sim android Uleofone's that our did the Ulefone power 2 in  different way with our ongoing list of the Best Ulefone's of 2017 With a Click Here

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