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Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Best Cubot 2017

Which Phone is the best cubot of 2017? We have a an assortment of the best Cubot phones and why.

Cubot Rainbow 2
As the name suggest and the picture above the show the Cubot rainbow 2 has more colour options than any other cubot phone of 2017.
Gold White Blue Black Red

Only notable downside considering the Price is the lack of 4G

Very first cubot with android 7.0 preinstalled which is faster to use than previous androids making the rainbow 2 to the cubot with the best android version for now.
This is a low budget android and cheaper than any other on the list

Rainbow 2 Has The  Best
 Operating System 
Lowest Price
See Cubot Rainbow 2 Price here

Cubot Cheetah 2
Cubot have decided to race ahead in 2017 with another Cheetah originally called the Cheetah 2 kinda like the rainbow 2, I wonder what the first versions were called.
In case you missed the giant picture above this is a medium priced android with everything. Full HD Screen, 32GB ROM, fingerpirint, unlock OTG, 4G,  Type C  and more.
cheetah 2
 Best For Features

Value For Money
Click Her For Full Features

Cubot Manito Best of both world
Released late 2016 this phone is in the price range between the Colour 2 and cheetah 2 with more features than the rainbow 2 but less than the cheetah 2.

Manito Features over the rainbow

More Colour Options than the Cheetah 2
Gold Blue White
Cubot Manito Full Specs Click Here

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