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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Cubot Dinosaur Review Pros And Cons

Currently only 7.5 percent of phones are using android 6.0 making the them seem prehistoric OS wise compared to the Cubot dinosaur yeah I went there.
We will begin with the pros 
Pros And Cons of Cubot Dinosaur Phone

Great For Multitasking
Multi core CPU are good at handling many tasks at once as the cores work as a team to run programs preventing the system from slowing down.
 In the case of the Dinosaur its functionality is enabled by the MT6735A Quad core CPU so it has 4 Cores.
To enhance speed even further look to RAM Space the memory responsible for running programs it has 3GB usually you would expect that from a high priced phone.

Huge Cubot Dinosaur Screen And Battery
A larger screen phone like the dinosaur has space for a larger battery and the one provided is 4150mah Battery which is very good. On the Downside larger phones are harder to carry around.
Cubot Dinosaur SD Card
 Rom (Internal Memory is 16GB)  to can further enhance memory by 32GB by  using an SD Card . More About Cubot Dinosaur SD Cards And There Options Here

Cubot Dinosaur USB
OTG (USB On The GO)  Enhances memory options by accepting USB devices like flash drives and anything else USB android controllers for the gamers are available and if you already have a console that uses USB like PS3,or PS4 you can use that instead.
Example OTG Not Cubot Dinosaur

Cubot Dinosaur turbo Charge
This is where dual sim shines being able to have two sims installed at once from 2G, 3G and 4G networks. One downer though, using this will definitely drain the battery a lot faster.

Cubot Dinosaur Price
Given the  price the Cubot dinosaur is one of the best phones in terms of value for money See Cubot Dinosaur Prices  Through Here

Near Field Communication
No (NFC) a feature that allow you to simply place a phone in contact with compatible NFC technology for instant transfer of data like  train maps and bus arrival times.

No Fingerprint Technology
Fingerprint technology is unnecessary but has some great benefits.
1 No one can see you type your pin in.
2 Makes the phone feel more advanced.

Cubot Dinosaur Pros and cons
Value For Money

Quad Core
Android 6.0 7.5 percent
5.5 Inch Screen

Camera Dual Cameras, 5.0MP front camera; 13.0MP back camera
SD Card 32GB
Turbo Download

No Fingerprint

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