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Friday, 6 May 2016

Oukitel C3 Pros And Cons

Oukitel C3 Pros And Cons Here
Lets start with the Pros
The diamond design is ultra thin and looks great plus the colour options are amazing.

In a world full of Android 5.1 phones the Oukitel C3 breaks the mould as one of a the first Chinese android phones to use android 6.0 and one of the cheapest. And in order to ensure the C3 stays relevant it is subject to OTA(Over The Air) so you will receive regular updates from oukitel.
Only 7.5 percent of phones are currently using android 6.0

CPU is MTK6580A a Quad core system which benefits multitasking as tasks are delegated to 4 cores preventing the C3 and other quad core systems from slowing down when operating multiple tasks at once.

large Screen
Oukitel C3 Screen is 5 Inches making it a phone and tablet in one known as a phablet on top of that the resolution level is HD

Dual Sim
Dual sim phones are capable of storing two sims at once for making and receiving calls,business and play in one phone. Mix and match from either 2G or 3G.

Ouktel C3 SD Card

Battery is only 2000mah and larger screens use more power a 5 Inch Screen will burn through that at a faster pace than a smaller phone. Dual sim phones also use more power of course nit picks about battery life are nullified or exasperated depending on use.

One thing is missing from the Dual Sim options and that is 4G

Average Specs
Oukitel C3 Specs are average the bare minimum in some areas nothing stands out. Example Ram 1GB

Just Two sensor are available Gravity and Proximity.

Oukitel C3 Review Pros And Cons

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