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Monday, 16 May 2016

Cubot Dinosaur Accessories

Top 5 Cubot Dinosaur accessory information here

SD Card  obvious but useful to learn more visit Cubot Dinosaur SD Card Page.

As mentioned in this Cubot Dinosaur Review  USB devices like flash drives are some of the best cubot dinosaur accessories

Cubot Dinosaur uses the bluetooth 4.0 version which is the most energy efficient bluetooth meaning you can use bluetooth devices for longer. This gives you some great options E.G bluetooth headphones,speakers even projectors and keyboards.
Due to the standard 3.5mm port regular wired headphones and speakers can be used an oldie but a goodie accessory.

Dual sim gives users the option of utilizing two sims and making an additional sim a card an accessory option and because of the turbo download feature it is especially good with the cubot Dinosaur.

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