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Saturday, 28 May 2016

Elephone P9000 Edge Release Date

Information On The Elephone P9000 Edge Phone
 Elephone P9000 Edge the phone that sets elephone to rival apple and is in the mist of a hard battle with the ulefone future for China phone of the year so far.

When Will The Edge be released?

Well according to official elephone information it is expected to be released around late September early October. You are not the only one waiting sellers already have the Edge on backorder and judging by demand this phone will be sold out the instant it becomes available.

Arrival Notification 
Hit control D And bookmark this page because as soon as an offical date is set this page will update with a link to sellers offering the P9000 Edge presale 

What We Have  So far
Elephone P9000 Edge Specs

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