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Monday, 30 May 2016

Elephone P9000 Edge Price In Kenya

4G Phone Elephone P9000 Edge Pricecd in Kenyan Shilling
Elephone P9000 Edge the android of legend android 6.0 and some specs that destroy most name brand phones at a fraction of the price. So far we have yet to see sellers stock up but we do have an official price
In US dollar the edge is worth 329.99 which in Kenyan Shilling amounts to about 33291.37 as of this pages published date.

You can learn more about the Elephone P9000 Edge by viewing its full Specifications Here
4GB RAM 21MP Sony IMX230 Back camera Touch ID you could say it is cutting edge lol sorry please forgive the pun I could not resist.

We have more prices in Kenya for instance the popular cubot Dinosaur not as flashy as the Edge but definitely worth checking out
Cubot Dinosaur Links

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