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Saturday, 18 June 2016

Vernee Apollo Lite Accessories

Phone Accessories available to Vernee Apollo Lite

Vernee Apollo Accessories Included are here as are other potential options that make the most out of the Apollo Lite
1 x Built-in 3180mAh Battery
1 x Micro-usb Cable (Type C)
1 x Charger
1 x User Manual
Vernee Apollo Lite SD Card
Different phones and other SD card devices can handle SD/TF Cards up to a maximum and the Apollo Lite maximum capacity is 128GB. SD/TF Cards also known as a  Micro SD card in this case can store information like media and applications enhancing the 32GB Lite Internal Memory. Warning Android 6.0 Phones allow SD Cards to be used as part of actual internal memory which stops them from being an accessory to the phone functionality and makes them a necessity however you can choose to just use and SD cards without making it part of internal memory.
See SD Cards Here

Apollo Lite Headphones and speakers Wires
In the included accessories headphones are not listed which is uncommon but easily rectified. The 3.5mm jack supports wired headphones and speakers.
Gaming Vernee Apollo Lite Phone Accessoris

Bluetooth Accessories
At the cost of more energy than wired counterparts you can take advantage of bluetooth accessories like wireless bluetooth headphones and speakers, definitely more mobile pardon the pun than wireless accessories. A Supremely popular accessory for phones like the Apollo is a wireless controller
See Vernee Apollo Bluetooth Controller Here


Vernee Apollo Lite cases
Plenty Of cases for the Apollo lite are available we already have produced a page about Apollo Lite Case Options Which You Can See Here
A Great accessory that doubles as case are bands like these they glow in the dark and can be warn as a fashion accessory.

Feel  Like Your At The Apollo
In my view one of the most underrated and under utilized accessories for a android phones like the Apollo Lite is a projector which can be connected via bluetooth also works well with an SD Card as modern projectors are mostly compatible.

OTG Cable
Vernee Apollo Lite OTG Accessories and there uses

OTG(USB On The GO) gives even more accessory options for the lite and also works with compatible projectors and even printer giving you more out of the  16MP Back Camera. Since third generation consoles and above like PS3 have  use USB controllers they can be connected to the lite and will work on compatible games but there is more specific android controllers exist for just this purpose.
OTG Cables Here

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