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Monday, 27 June 2016

Cubot S9 Price

How Expensive is the Cubot S9 given is incredible specs I mean a 6GB RAM android 6.0 doesn't comes at quite a price doesn’t it?
Exact Price
Most Chinese brand phones and cubot use CPU's made by Taiwanese company Media Tek. The S9 is using the Snapdragon 823CPU, Snapdragon is an excellent brand but be forewarned this  will come at a price. We cannot be specific as no official price has been given but take the XiaoMi Mi5 for example it uses the
Snapdragon 820 with lower versions of the S9's specs for example it has a 3GB Ram where as the S9 has a 6GB RAM. Best prices for the Mi5 are around $350.
So expect at least that price for the Cubot S9.
Snapdragon 820 Phone Prices Here

Cutting Cost
A lot has been done to keep cost low and cubot have a history of keeping prices low and producing value for money so how have they don this?
No 3.5mm audio,  that's right standard headphones and audio accessories have no place here in order to use head phones via wired means you will have to resort to type C USB audio devices.
Screen resolution is only HD which is good enough but show cost being cut given some of the high end specs Full HD as in the case of the Mi5 would have been expected.
SD Card Capacity
With the higher priced China phones an SD card capacity of 64GB to 128GB is to be expected but the S9 maxes out at 32GB not to worry it has 128GB of internal memory but this helps to show how cubot intend on keeping the price low.

A larger screen requires more power and with a 5.4 inch screen with a 2800mah battery is not the best in fact the Cubot Dinosaur has a 5.5 inch screen and a 4150mAh. Price for the dinosaur is only $119.99
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Cubot were cheap on the accessories giving  the bare minimum they only give you a battery a charger and a USB cable if you want more you like cases and other basics you will have to find them yourself unless we already found them for you
See Our Cubot Accessory List Here Including Where To Find them

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