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Sunday, 26 June 2016

Cubot S9 Accessories

Want More Than just the Included Cubot S9  Phone Accessories? Well We Have options here. Out The Box You Get1 x 2800mAh Battery1 x USB Cable 1 x Charger
Additional Accessories
Cubot S9 Headphones
None are included and I can't see the 3.5mm headphone jack what do I do?
This is where type C USB takes over as yes you guessed it type C headphones area available. Other Options simply for headphones include bluetooth headphones but bare in mind bleutooth accessories will drain battery faster than wired counterparts.

The negative although not the S9's fault is that USB type-C headphone are far more expensive than 3.5mm counterparts however this will change as type C products and accessories become more mass produced. S9 Accessories include a USB cable  but I would recommend a spare as they always break eventually.
Type C Headphone Prices Here

Cubot S9 SD card
An SD card with a total capacity of 32GB can be used which is alot of space but small considering the other capabilities I would have expected the S9 to take 128GB SD cards at maximum. To be honest I don't see the use as internal memory is already 128GB.
Select SD Cards From kingston Samsung Sandisk Ad More Here

Cubot S9  Dual Camera Cases
 Case for the S9 with specific holes for the Dual Cameras at the back available

View Correct Cubot S9 Cases Here

One USB Is Not Enough
One USB Cable is provided but bare in mind that USB always inevitably break so a spare in a necessary accessory
See Quality Type C USB Cables Here

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