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Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Vernee Apollo Lite Price Philippines

Vernee Apollo Lite Price In Phillipine Peso
Vernee Apollo Price In Philippines

Two Sim from two different Philippine network providers can be used at once from 2G 3G and 4G in the accessories come adapter for Asia.

Vernee Apollo Is $229.99 which is 10684.30 Philippine Peso
Prices are influenced by Shipping options and perhaps other potential accessories which we will cover further in our Vernee Apollo Lite review.
 Shipment of the lite will start around the 20th June the time of release until then the full review will have to remain on hold however we would recommend you hit CTRL+D save this page and come back on the 25th when we will have link to the full review here in the mean time here are some examples of useful information the review will feature and the prices of these thing all in Philippine currency to make things easier for you.
A Micro SD Card up to 128GB  to increase memory
 As Low As $2.15 Which is 99.6 Philippine Peso

A  great way to protect the phone
Cases As Low as $5.99  which around 277.5 Philippine Peso

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