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Sunday, 5 June 2016

Ulefone Future Review Pros And Cons

Ulefone Future Bezel-Less Android Phone Review the Pros And Cons

Ulefone Future bezel- less Phone Pros And Cons Review

ROM (Read Only  Memory) Also referred to as internal memory is a staggering 32GB which will last a while it would take the average phone user a long time to use up that much space if ever and who has practical use for it. With this much space it's easy for files to become backlog.

However if you a part of minority phone users who can burn through that more easily I may want to caution you that apps set up by the manufacturer Ulefone and yes the android 6.0 System will use up some space.

Memory can be increased by a further 128GB with the use of a micro SD card and thanks to android 6.0 SD cards can even be incorporated as part of internal memory of the phone however this comes with some pros and cons of its own.

Ram (Random Access Memory) the space that runs programs is ridiculous with 4GB, the ulefone future will run any program  and app with app (soulutely) no problem LOL I know that was lame but I hope you laughed any way.
CPU 64 Bit MTK6755 is Octa Core with proven performance. CPU's with more cores to run programs and apps are more effective at multitasking and faster than lesser core endowed CPU
Is The Future All in Good Time?
The Proof is in the pudding but my question is will you notice after all your not a machine will you count the fraction of a millisecond a high ram and core system offers in terms of speed over say an octa core with 2GB of ram when it comes to average tasks. Unless you are planning some seriously strenuous task that would need  you to use the Ram and Cores past lower endowed CPU's why would you.
Higher Specs Higher Price
Look at it like this how many phones have these kind of specs? Not many right and who do you think the majority of apps and even high graphics 3D games are aimed at, answer the average phone which at the present moment is definitely not the future unless you know that you place very high demands on a phone than you should look for a cheaper option and save for the future.
See Ulefone Future Sellers Ofering Free Warranty Shipping And Lowest Prices

Point is much cheaper phones that are just as effective on most tasks with as much memory as the average person would want makes more sense for the average user at this present moment.
Ulefone Future Vs Big Brands
Antutu Benchmark test are used to determine actual performance of phones the higher the score the better so lets compare the future to the past how well do you think the future scored when compared to the best phones of 2015
Find Out Here

The Futures Screen is Bright
Any phone above 5 inches is a considered a phone an tablet in one and with a screen of 5.5 inches the Futures falls into the phablet category.
Glass screen is Gorilla glass which is scratch proof and impact resistant point is screen is built to last.

Finerprint Scanner
Alot of phones place the fingerprint scanner in an inconvenient place usually the back so the user cannot always place there hand in the right spot so to my pleasant surprise ulefone have placed the scanner to the side making things much easier.

Type C USB is a a futurist feature and has been marked so thanks to apple it will be very popular in the future. Faster Data Transfer

 Ulefone Future Accessories and Connectivity
Accessories are provided and additional options like cases are available See Ulefone Future Accessory ideas here

The Future Is Not Now
Overall point of the future is that because of it's high memory, features and design it is a phone that will last into the future where talking about two years before it becomes the norm and three to four before it becomes a phone of future past. This is one of the best in terms of value for money and will surely shine when 64Bit apps are the range but you will have to wait a while for the apps and programs to demand what the future can offer.

No Expense Spared
Quick Charge(0 To Max In An Hour)

High Performance Rivalling Samsung's Finest (Check Antutu Benchmark Score For reference.
Android 6.0

 Dual Sim
Type C USB
FHD Resolution
Touch ID
Gorilla Glass and built to last.
 32GB Internal Memory Upgradable by 128GB with SD Card

No Expense Spared
Quick charge(Most Charge Phone While Asleep an Hour or Eight Who Cares)

Far More Than Is needed Spec wise causing unnecessary expense
Too Far Ahead of its time


 Excuse the prehistoric pun but you may want to check out the cubot Dinosaur just to see how cheap an Android 6.0 phone can be
Learn About Cubot Dinosaur Review

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