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Monday, 13 June 2016

Elephone P9000 Edge Antutu Score?

Expected Score of the Elephone P9000 Edge Phone

Antutu scores simply reveal the real perfomance of a phones via Antutu benchmark tests as specs can be inflated

So What Did the P9000 Edge Get?
We do not know the exact score of the Edge as it has not been  released and directly tested however because the future is using exactly the same CPU has the same ram space and is clocked at the same speed we expect similar performance.
So How Well Do think the Ulefone Future Scored when tested against the best big brand phones of 2015 Here
See How Well we expect the Elephone P9000 Edge to perform when Teste

Is the Ulefone Futures better than the Elephone P9000 Edge?
 Answered Here

When Can We Expect Elephone P9000 Edge Review And Release?
Check Out What We have So Far

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